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Certified translation EN-DE marriage certificate from Texas, USA


Add this service to your cart if you have a one-page american marriage certificate issued in Texas, United States of America, and you need a certified (sworn, legal, official) translation of it. It doesn’t matter if it was issued in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or any other city in Texas, US.

I would like to receive my translation/s by the following date:
We usually need 3-5 business days to complete 1-4 pages and then we put your translations in the post. If you need the translation and you can't wait ca. 5-6 business days to receive it, please check with us that we can meet your deadline before you book and pay.
We post the translation to you unless you need to pick it up in person (Berlin only).
Does your certificate have one or more extra pages attached to it? Or is there something on the rear side of the certificate that you also want us to translate? This could be an Apostille, a certification from a notary, a clerk's certificate or similar. If you'd like us to translate it along with the front side of your certificate, let us know here and make sure you've uploaded everything. If you're not sure whether you have to get the extra pages translated, ask the authority that needs the translation done.
The quote we send you includes one certified translation of each certificate you upload. Will you need more than one copy? If so, please indicate how many (extra certified copies are 12 EUR each). Example: you upload two certificates and you need one extra copy of each. Choose two from the drop down menu and leave us special instructions below.

Please send your documents as a PDF, JPG, PNG, JPEG or Word attachment.

You can send us a scan using your smartphone, but it needs to be bright, clear, straight and really good quality – so that we can zoom in and see all the letters, numbers and markings clearly. If your JPG or PDF files are around 1MB per page and well-lit, they’re probably good enough. Brie made this short video to give you some extra guidance.

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Akzeptierte Dateitypen: jpg, pdf, png, jpeg, docx, doc, Max. Dateigröße: 4 MB.
    If it's complicated, please give us as much information as you can. If you're sending multiple pages of one document as separate files, you can clarify the page order here. You can tell us about extra copies you've ordered, or ask us to ignore a certain page in your PDF.


    Our sworn translations are accepted across Germany.

    The translator works off a good-quality scan and doesn’t need to see your original document/s. They translate all text, including headers, footers, signatures, stamps and small print. They will also format it in a way that is similar to the original and might include footnotes. At the end, they include an attestation and an individual stamp that confirms they are qualified, sworn in by the court, and have translated accurately and completely.

    The finished product is a physical document: the translator prints out the scanned original, attaches the translation to the back and puts the stamp over the top of both pieces of paper so they can’t be separated.

    If you are getting this translation done for a foreign authority, please check in advance to make sure they accept certified translations done in Germany. If there are any special instructions or requirements, just let us know in advance!