Take a Translator (Interpreting)

Take a translator to your Berlin civil wedding ceremony


Congratulations on your pending nuptials! Organise an interpreter for the Berlin ceremony. This is for professional interpreting but not court-sworn interpreting. At most Standesämter (except for Neukölln), this is fine.

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Standesamt (Registry Office) or a location of your choice

How long?

The civil wedding ceremony usually takes around 30 minutes, but you and the interpreter will have to be there around 20 minutes earlier to complete some formalities.

How much?

Price: If you’re in Berlin and the civil servant marrying you is happy to have a regular Red Tape Translation interpreter at the ceremony, or hasn’t specifically asked you to bring a court-sworn interpreter, feel free to book this service. This is the case at most Standesämter. If you’re getting married at Standesamt Neukölln, they will probably have told you that they only work with court-sworn interpreters instead, in which case, choose „Court-sworn interpreting at wedding ceremony“ below instead.