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Visas. Residence permits. Starting a business. Freelancing. Family.

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Red Tape Translation has been in Berlin for 10+ years, serving thousands of expats. 

Our consultants are informed, competent and compassionate.

We work with you to get your applications approved.

You’ll know exactly what to do next time.

Prepare to sail through the process with confidence.

Do you need reliable information on…

Getting a visa or residence permit for the first time

  • The freelance (“artist”) visa
  • Blue Card
  • Skilled worker’s employment permit
  • Language learning permit
  • Spouses and family members
  • Working holiday visas
  • Study preparation, students
  • Exceptions and lesser-known permit types

Renewing your residence permit

  • Switching permit types
  • Finding a new purpose of stay
  • Permanent residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis)
  • EU settlement (Daueraufenthalt-EU)
  • Fiktionsbescheinigung (fictional certificate)
  •  Converting a type D visa into a residence permit
  • Trouble getting an appointment
  • Removing restrictions (Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet)

Work and freelance life

  • Starting a business
  • Getting a freelance tax number
  • Unemployment (ALGI, ALGII)
  • ALGI grant for self-employment (Gründungszuschuss)
  • Getting into the Künstlersozialkasse

Family matters

  • Getting settled in Germany – first steps
  • Getting married in Germany
  • Finding a flat to rent
  • Purchasing property in Germany
  • Visas and residence permits for spouses

Babies and children

  • Baby bureaucracy
  • Benefits (Elterngeld, Kindergeld, Mutterschaftsgeld)
  • How to find childcare (Kita)
  • Choosing the right school
  • Visas and residence permits for children

… and more

  • Getting a real estate broker’s license
  • Leaving Germany, tying up loose ends
  • Health insurance and pension
  •  Kitas and schools
  • TV tax

….we can help!

*We offer special discounts for students and unemployed people.

“You simply must make Red Tape Translation a part of your preparation. I can't say enough about this service.”
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How it works

Write down your questions or upload letters – whatever you need help with. The more info you give us, the better.

After booking, you’ll receive an invoice. Bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal are all fine. Remember, this is a business expense if you’re a freelancer.

At your scheduled date and time, we’ll hop on the call together and work through your applications. You’ll need to use at least 30 minutes of your phone time in your call. If we accomplish your tasks with time left over, you’ll receive a credit to put towards your next consult.

Your consultant is dedicated to preparing you for what to expect during the application process during your consult. This ensures that the job is done to your satisfaction and you gain experience dealing with German bureaucracy in a non-stressful, easy way. 

One working day’s notice is required for cancellation or to reschedule your consult. If you cancel within that time frame, you’ll receive a credit.

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