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Appointment booking: Marriage registration (Anmeldung einer Eheschließung)


We’ll book the next available appointment at the right office for you and your spouse so that you can register your intent to marry, submit your documents and organise the happy day.

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Standesamt (Registry Office) 

This is where you and your future spouse hand in all your documents and set a date to get married. This is usually the second of three appointments at the Standesamt, although this process can vary in pandemic times. The first appointment was the “advisory” appointment, where the civil servant gets all the information they need and tells you exactly which documents to get together. This appointment is where you hone in on the details. The third appointment is the happy day itself. If you’re well-prepared on your first visit and you’ve sent everything in advance, you can usually bypass the “advisory” appointment altogether and get straight into scheduling the ceremony.

How long?

This appointment usually takes around 50 minutes.