Certified translation EN-DE birth certificate from Washington State, USA


Add this service to your cart if you have an american birth certificate issued in Washington State, United States of America, and you need a certified (sworn, legal, official) translation of it into German. It doesn’t matter if it was issued in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma or any other city in Washington State, US.

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Our sworn translations are accepted across Germany.

The translator works off a good-quality scan and doesn’t need to see your original document/s. They translate all text, including headers, footers, signatures, stamps and small print. They will also format it in a way that is similar to the original and might include footnotes. At the end, they include an attestation and an individual stamp that confirms they are qualified, sworn in by the court, and have translated accurately and completely.

The finished product is a physical document: the translator prints out the scanned original, attaches the translation to the back and puts the stamp over the top of both pieces of paper so they can’t be separated.

If you are getting this translation done for a foreign authority, please check in advance to make sure they accept certified translations done in Germany. If there are any special instructions or requirements, just let us know in advance!