Coaching: Make phone calls in German


If you’ve got business with German companies and you can’t bear the thought of stumbling through phone calls on your own, hire an interpreter to help.

This is a great place to send us a list of questions or give us some background information so we can prepare. Tip: if you're working on an application, create a shared folder online and give us the link and password here. Otherwise, you can upload documents (e.g. correspondence) below instead.
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    Examples of how you can use this coaching time to deal with life in Germany:

    – call your landlord to ask a question about your annual operating cost statement
    – call the Agentur für Arbeit to sort out your unemployment benefits
    – call the Hausmeister to organise repairs or to get your name put on the mailbox
    – call IKEA or other delivery companies to coordinate delivery times for furniture
    – call the pension office to ask a question about a letter you received
    – call your health insurance company to ask why your contributions have been set so high
    – call the Minijob Zentrale to get advice on hiring
    – call the Künstlersozialkasse to figure out why they’ve paused your membership
    – call your property manager to organise the apartment handover when you move out
    – call the pension office to request a consultation on your pension record
    – call the Jugendamt to organise an in-person visit to discuss a custody matter
    – call an architect to assess your property for repurposing (commercial to residential, for example)
    – call a reputable tradesperson to organise electrical or carpentry work on your property
    – call your HR department to ask a question about your payslip
    – call a utility provider to cancel your contract or change your plan
    – call a clinic to set up admission for an operation
    – call the Finanzamt (tax office) to get some advice on how your line of work gets classified for tax purposes

    … these are some common use cases, but there are plenty more!

    Good to know: you can split your hour into 2 30-minute sessions
    Also good to know: You might think a phone call is a quick thing and will be over in a minute or two, but it almost never is.
    If we don’t get through as you’d hoped, we can help you draft a succinct email in German instead.