Coaching: Unemployment benefits (Bürgergeld or ALG1 – Arbeitslosengeld 1)


Unemployed in Germany? We’ll take you through the process quickly and efficiently, and give you tips on how to get the most of your benefits along the way.

This is a great place to send us a list of questions or give us some background information so we can prepare. Tip: if you're working on an application, create a shared folder online and give us the link and password here. Otherwise, you can upload documents (e.g. correspondence) below instead.
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    When you make contact with the Agentur für Arbeit (to apply for ALG 1 or Arbeitslosengeld 1) or Job Center (to apply for Bürgergeld, formerly known as ALGII or Hartz IV) for the first time, you leave with a list of forms to fill out. Although the process is mostly online, it’s not yet available in English.

    Book coaching with Red Tape Translation instead of mucking around with terrible machine translation and online forums – it’ll save you hours of tearing your hair out. We’ll take you through the forms quickly and efficiently and anticipate missing information that could delay your approval. We’ll tell you what to chase up and point out aspects of your future planning that might affect your access to benefits.

    You’re dealing with unemployment and that’s not much fun, so we would like to offer this coaching to you at a reduced rate.