Coaching: Getting married in Germany


Getting married in Germany can be simple or insanely complicated. I’ll help you sort out the documents and organise interpreting on the day.

This is a great place to send us a list of questions or give us some background information so we can prepare. Tip: if you're working on an application, create a shared folder online and give us the link and password here. Otherwise, you can upload documents (e.g. correspondence) below instead.
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    Eloping in Berlin is a truly spectacular experience but it’s not always easy to plan your wedding when you don’t speak the language. As a foreigner, you’d normally need to make three appointments at the Standesamt. However, if you’re well-prepared and have all your documents ready on your first visit, you can usually sweet talk them into skipping a step. In this coaching, I can:

    • Let you know which documents you’re likely to need
    • Anticipate any extra requirements based on your personal situation
    • Organise certified translations for you
    • Organise an interpreter for the appointment/s and ceremony (if you’re in Berlin or Munich – extra cost)
    • If you run into unsolvable obstacles, I’ll give you information about getting married in Denmark instead 🙂