Take a Translator (Interpreting)

Take a translator to a school / kita in Berlin


Take an interpreter with you to a meeting at your child’s school or Kita. This might be an interview, a parent-teacher meeting, anĀ Elternabend or an inspection.

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At a school or Kita in Germany

Your child’s teacher has requested a parent-teacher meeting. Your child is starting in a new school’s Welcome Class (Willkommensklasse) next month and it’s time to iron out the details. A Kita has invited you to an inspection and interview to get a sought-after childcare spot. The Department of Child Services (Jugendamt) has requested to meet with you at the school together with your child’s teacher, social worker or psychologist. Or you have a first-grader ready to start primary school and you’d like some support at your first-ever Elternabend.

How long?

We charge a minimum 1 hour, but events of this nature tend to go longer, and we’ll be prepared to stay with you until it ends.

How much notice do you need?

The more notice you can give us, the better. But if this appointment took you by surprise and it’s at short notice (e.g. fewer than 2 work days away), you can still try to book with us! If we can’t find someone, we’ll refund your fee completely.