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Take a translator to the pension office (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) in Berlin


Take an interpreter with you to the pension office (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) to get some advice on your superannuation account.

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Deutsche Rentenversicherung (Pension Office)

Once you start working in Germany (employment), you’ll probably get membership in the German pension scheme. It’s called the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (your office might also be called Knappschaft-Bahn-See). If you’ve got questions about your membership, we would be happy to visit the office with you, with or without an appointment. Just make sure you’re going to the right place – check out the exact address and office name on the last letter you got from the DRV to be sure. If you just choose a random office from the internet, you might get sent to another office on the other side of town when you get there.

How long?

The average appointment at a pension office takes 30-60 minutes. If you’re walking in without one, it’s anybody’s guess, but from my experience the offices are not typically crowded.