Take a Translator (Interpreting)

Take a translator to your rental contract signing / flat handover in Berlin


Congratulations on snagging an apartment in Berlin! That’s no mean feat. Take an interpreter with you to sign the German rental contract or to pick up the keys. Your real estate agent will write up a “handover report”, so this is your chance to voice any issues you have about things you notice – e.g. if the heating or water isn’t working as it should.

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Real Estate Agency / Your New Apartment

Congratulations on your new apartment! Before you sign on the dotted line, you might have some questions for your real estate agent. It’s also handy to have a German speaker at the apartment handover, in case there are holes in the wall or other damages to report.

How long?

An appointment to sign a rental contract usually takes less than an hour, unless you’ve prepared a few pages of questions! The handover appointment can take longer, depending on the state of your apartment and how thorough you are. Don’t forget to check that the heating works.

How much?

Price: 104 EUR per hour including tax. No travel costs/time. Minimum 1 hour.