Professional translations

Ask for Price

Get a quote for a professional translation of your project, be it a website, work contract, purchase contract, data privacy agreement, rental contract, report, CV, letter, business plan, article or book. We can give you a fixed price (usually calculated per word) or an hourly rate and an estimate of roughly how many hours it would take – whatever you’d prefer.


Before we can give you a quote, we need to see the text. Please send exactly what you need to be translated rather than a similar document. How would you like to do this?

– You can upload documents, such as a zip file, a spreadsheet, a Word document, a PDF or even a picture (e.g. a picture of a letter from the Finanzamt)

– You can share a link to an online folder with us (e.g. on Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud storage). If you want to share your document/s this way, please give permission to view and download your documents in advance. You can also share a link to a website you would like translated, but please read below to learn more about that.

– If you’d like to get a quote for translating a website, this can be very tricky to work out. If the website is simple (say, 3-5 pages only with no widgets, products or content blocks), you can just copy the text across to a Word document. Then we translate exactly what’s in the document and the expectations are clear, but you have to go through and put the text in the right places afterwards.

Websites are rarely that simple. Even though it might look like there isn’t much content, there is usually more to translate than meets the eye. This includes strings, forms, product descriptions, FAQs, testimonials, text blocks, widget content and more. These bits of text are often not easy to find on your website.

A great solution is to use a translation plugin. You can then give us login access as a translator or translation manager if you decide to work with us. To ask for a quote, why not set up a translator account for the back end of your website and give us view-only access to the content you need translated? That’s enough for us to have a look and prepare a quote.

When working this way, we usually charge per hour and can give you an estimate of how many hours we will need to complete the translations and put the content in the right places. The drawback of working this way is that we can’t be sure exactly how long it will take to get it all done – sometimes things take longer than expected because the CMS presents us with technical obstacles no-one can predict (e.g. translation plugins don’t work as expected). The benefit of working directly in the back end, however, is that your translation is delivered to the right place, which saves your webmaster an immense amount of time and stress.