Take a Translator (Interpreting)

Take a translator to get your Red Card (Health Dept) in Berlin


Take an interpreter with you to the appointment (Lebensmittelbelehrung) to get your Red Card so you can work in hospitality with food and beverages in Berlin.

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Gesundheitsamt (Department of Health)

If you plan on working in the food and beverages industry, you’ll need a certificate to say you’ve been instructed in food hygiene and safety by the Department of Health (Gesundheitsamt). It’s known as the “Rote Karte” or a “Lebensmittelbescheinigung” and usually involves watching a film. Sometimes, the workers at the Department of Health send you the material in advance and choose to quiz you on the day instead. If you don’t speak German, the Department of Health will ask you to bring a translator with you.

How long?

The average appointment takes just under an hour.