Take a Translator (Interpreting)

Take a court-sworn interpreter to the Standesamt or Jugendamt

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Organise a court-sworn (vereidigte / beeidigte) interpreter to visit the Standesamt or Jugendamt in Berlin with you. Most Standesämter don’t mind if your interpreter is not court-sworn, but some civil servants will insist that your interpreter be court-sworn. Standesamt and Jugendamt Neukölln, for example. There is also one civil servant we know of at Standesamt Pankow who insists on this too. If your case worker has not specifically requested a court-sworn interpreter (beeidigt, vereidigt), feel free to book a regular interpreter instead.

If you want a court-sworn interpreter at your wedding ceremony in Berlin, go here instead.


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The Standesamt or Jugendamt in Berlin. If you need a court-sworn interpreter specifically, you probably have an appointment at Standesamt Neukölln. Most other Standesämter and Jugendämter in Berlin don’t mind if your interpreter is not court-sworn.

How long?

Anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes.

How much?

Price: Usually around 220-300 EUR. This is the service to choose if your case worker has insisted you bring a court-sworn (beeidigter or vereidigter) interpreter (Dolmetscher). If your civil servant hasn’t specifically told you that the interpreter must be court-sworn, feel free to book a regular interpreter instead! (See Related Products below).