Need help with your German freelance visa right now?

Freelancers have a rough time finding good intel online
Consulates have a very limited understanding of self-employment in Germany
Lawyers show little interest in representing or advising freelancers
We put our heads together with a Berlin immigration law firm to change this!

I started my journey in Germany as a non-EU freelancer just like you. I’ve spent the last two years crafting a video course so that you can apply for a freelance visa on your own at your own pace. 2.5 hours of instructional videos, downloads, templates, case studies and pearls of wisdom, all legally checked and ready when you are.

Kathleen Parker, managing director of Red Tape Translation

Here’s what we cover

Secure your stay

Everything you need to keep your stay in Germany above board when you arrive.

  • Register your address
  • Insurance
  • The pension system explained
  • Getting an appointment at the foreigner’s office

Perfect your portfolio

Deliver an impressive and comprehensive package of documents that perfectly represents who you are, what you do and why your business is going to be a success in Germany.

  • The application form in great, beautiful detail
  • What do you do? How to describe your work 
  • Are you skilled? Are you qualified? How to prove it

Land clients and projects

What to do with your existing clients and how to land clients and projects based in Germany. What’s your compelling reason for needing to be in Germany to do your work?

Demonstrate your earning potential

  • Freelancing is the main event
  • How to fill out the revenue forecast
  • Supporting documents: contracts and letters of intent
  • Savings
  • Your living expenses
  • Artists and language teachers

Nail your interview

  • All the papers
  • Speaking German
  • What to expect on the day

Circumvent obstacles

The most common things that go wrong on the day and how to prepare for any eventuality.

Launch your business

Once your freelance residence permit is safely on its way, here’s what to do next! Get your business above board, make decisions about how to run it and figure out the next tax and bookkeeping steps.

Extremely detailed videos and the downloadables and templates were perfect. I’m glad I took this course before trying to apply – I feel much more prepared and confident now.

Julia M, Berlin

Our instructors

Kathleen Parker

Kathleen is the managing director of Red Tape. As a freelancer, mother, wife, artist, foreigner and business owner, she’s gained a whole bunch of expertise dealing with her own red tape and that of thousands of clients over the last eleven years. Kathleen’s main focus at Red Tape is helping freelancers get things right from the get-go, and she is a well-known advocate and a great ally for the self-employed.

Lioba Grunow

Lioba has had a huge influence on the success of Red Tape Translation’s work with creative freelancers – she is well known for her compassion and clever solutions for solving bureaucratic problems. Lioba specialises in the freelance permit (artist’s visa), getting started as a freelancer in Germany and getting into the Künstlersozialkasse (the artists’ social insurance scheme). She is a freelance actress and voice coach as well.

My one regret regarding Red Tape Translation is that I didn’t find them MUCH sooner!

Page Hibbs, Berlin


Always great to speak to someone with empathy and understanding when it comes to business…

Suzanne Fischer, Berlin