Do you need to register a business in Berlin?

Keep your home address private
Stay simple and affordable
Get your mail scanned and forwarded
Suitable for freelancers and sole traders

You can now have your virtual office at Red Tape Translation in Pankow, Berlin.

49 EUR net per month

I want to say thank you for how simple and easy you’ve made this for our association!

Taska Harnischfeger, Saturday Club e.V.

This is a simple, cheap Berlin virtual office service for freelancers, sole traders and associations. It will suit you if you can’t or don’t want to use your home address to register your business.

What is a virtual business address?

All businesses and associations in Germany must have a legal, registered business address. Even freelancers and sole traders are businesses in Germany.

There are reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t use your home address to register a business. By renting a virtual office at Red Tape Translation in Berlin, you’re up and running quickly at a 100% legal, summonable, physical location in Berlin and there’s no need to travel anywhere.

  • A real office at a real street address in Berlin
  • Suitable for registration with authorities
  • Use the address on your Impressum, correspondence and marketing
  • Summonable (ladungsfähig) address
  • Suitable for registering a company or association
  • Rental agreement included
  • Online booking process
  • Available within 1 business day

When registering your German business, a mailbox service won’t cut it. Choose a legitimate business address that exists and is in a facility that suits the purpose of your activities.

Red Tape Translation has been in Berlin for 11 years. We’re a small, close-knit team of translators, interpreters and relocation coaches with a cosy office in Pankow, Berlin. There’s someone present to receive and scan your mail for you within 1 working day of receipt. Pick up your correspondence by appointment or have us forward it to you once a month or shred it  – whatever you’d prefer.

We have one basic virtual office package. No confusing add-ons, no hidden charges. Here’s what it includes:

Business address

A legitimate Berlin virtual address for your startup with a c/o


A proper lease contract to appease German authorities


Receive your post digitally within 1 business day of receipt.


We send your letters by registered mail once per month


Get small packages delivered and pick them up by appointment


Transparent and flexible contract conditions


Excellent and personal customer service - we have hundreds of rave reviews


A password-protected login and full data protection compliance

FAQs about our virtual Berlin office address

  • Why not just use my home address to register my business?

    The biggest con is the fact that your business is legally required to publish its address on outgoing correspondence. This includes the Impressum (Legal Disclaimer or Imprint) on your website and social media profiles, as well as letters, emails and more. If you publish your home address, you’re inviting your website traffic to drop by. Even more so if you want to take advantage of free Google Maps services. When Kathleen Parker first started Red Tape Translation, she was nursing her newborn baby in a bathrobe when suddenly the doorbell rang. It was a client who lived nearby and wanted a translation.  Even after putting a note in the Impressum and on the Google Maps entry asking people not to visit the business address, the number of visitors increased as the company grew.

    Our clients are singers and performers worried about over-eager fans or stalkers, tech professionals with expensive work equipment stored at home and self-employed parents who wish to protect their children’s privacy and still save the costs of hiring unnecessary premises.

    Another common reason to avoid using your home address to register a company is because your rental contract forbids commercial use or partial commercial use of the apartment or it’s associated with higher rental fees.

  • 1. How much does it cost?

    There’s a one-off setup fee of 40 Euros plus VAT.

    Then it’s 49 Euros plus VAT per month after that.

  • 2. What are the contract and cancellation terms?

    The minimum term is 6 months. After that, you can cancel at any time with1 full calendar month’s notice. That means if you started your contract on 15.6.2023 and you let us know you wish to cancel on 06.12.2023, your contract will end on 14.01.2024.

  • 3. Can I pick up my mail in person?

    Sure. We love visitors. Just please make an appointment to do so, to make sure someone is in the office to check your ID and hand it to you.

  • 4. Can you forward my mail to another postal address?

    Yes. If the address is in Germany, we do this once per month by registered mail at no extra cost. If you would prefer, we can shred and destroy your mail as soon as we have scanned it in. You instruct us when you sign your contract.

  • 5. Do I have to be a German resident to use your service?

    Yes. If it’s an association or company you’d like to register, the managing directors must be based in Germany.

  • 5. What form of ID do I need to show to sign up?

    If you’re a freelancer or a sole trader:

    • The signed contract
    • Your Anmeldung (German personal address registration certificate)
    • Your European ID card or passport
    • Once you have registered your business at our address, a copy of your freelance tax number (Steuernummer) from the tax office (Finanzamt) and/or your trade certificate (Gewerbeanmeldung)

    If you’re an association or company:

    • The contract, signed by all managing directors
    • The Anmeldung (German personal address registration certificate) of at least one managing director
    • The European ID card or passport of at least 1 managing director
  • 6. What happens if my business has visitors who show up in person?

    We’ll take a message on your behalf and let you know.

  • 7. What's the c/o?

    Your business address will be:


    Your company name/your name

    c/o Red Tape Translation

    Berliner Str. 69

    13189 Berlin

  • Is this a prestigious address in Berlin?

    No. The Ku’damm, Friedrichstr. or Unter den Linden it is not. It is a cosy and colourful office in a business courtyard in Pankow, Berlin. It will suit you in particular if you don’t expect visitors and you don’t mind having a c/o in your business address. But you can also be sure that if someone drops by looking for your business, they will get a friendly reception and the option to leave you a message.

  • Can I book add-ons like a phone number or a conference room?

    Not yet. We’re starting small and keeping it simple.

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